Advanced Automation unlocks your data so you can send Timely, Personal and Relevant emails.




Give your new subscribers a warm welcome. With an average open rate of 50%, it’s the single most important email you can send.

The best email marketing is timely.

A potential customer just joined your email list through a custom signup form on your website. The form contains checkboxes where she can tell you about her preferences and interests.

That data is automatically brought into Be Digital where you’ve set up an automated welcome email that populates content dynamically based on her responses — in this case, she lives in Portland and enjoys exploring and hiking.

This is what she sees in her inbox immediately after signing up — and you never had to hit send.




Personalized emails can lift transaction rates 6 times higher and generate 18 times more revenue than standard newsletters.

The best email marketing is personal.

She clicks on your welcome email and starts browsing through your selection of backpacks. But, she ultimately decides not to make a purchase.

You track which products she views and connects that data to Be Digital to populate the content in an automated follow-up email.

She opens your email, which just so happens to contain a 20% discount on the backpacks she viewed. The timely, personalized offer does the trick — she decides to buy your backpack.




An automated nurturing series is key to keeping subscribers engaged — and it results in 47% larger purchases.

The best email marketing is relevant.

Once she buys the backpack, it triggers the next email in your automated workflow — tips for how and where she can use her new backpack.

Since you already know she’s from Portland and likes hiking, you send her your picks for the top 5 hiking destinations outside of Portland. There’s no push to buy — just helpful ideas for breaking in the new backpack.

This kind of relevant, useful content (delivered right on time) keeps her engaged and keeps you top of mind the next time she’s ready to make a purchase.